born in July 1956 in Landshut .....

gone through the school of life

2003 came into contact with abstract and informal painting.

The mother, a well-known tromp-lòeil painting, was known for her powerful pictures. Her legacy to her daughter is the strong creativity that is reflected in her work with the most diverse material combinations and innumerable layers.

The images captivate the viewer and allow him to participate in the emotions expressed. Artists put soul life into every picture and thus touch the viewer

The effect of your works is created by concise structures that result from many layers. Extraordinary combinations of materials also arise from the awareness that whatever is created may be. There are always intermediate states that can be processed further or that remain as a statement. The decision whether a picture is ready or not is often only made after a process that takes months.

Her training by well-known lecturers and academies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland was an important cornerstone of her work.

However, the tendency to experiment with materials and their combinations has created its own signature and makes the result unique - one of a kind.

See for yourself and visit her studio on the farm in the Oberland, south of Munich.